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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cottage Creations turf / oil burner?

It is a finely crafted genuine Irish ornament in the form of traditional Irish settlement that burns fragrant substances such as incense cones or fragrance oils.

How do they work?

Each of the oil burns is precision engineered to allow you you to burn incense cones or oils. The cottages have awell built in to the chimney which allows a small amount of oil to be kept. A tea light (night light) is then lit to heat the oils, p-laced in side the cottage and the warm oils fill the surrounding areas with traditional irish fragrances.

An incense cone (or stick) can also be set smoldering and set inside the cottages. This bring the cottage to life as they than take the form of an old irish cottage with smoke bellowing from its chimney - such a common scene though out rural Ireland still today.

How long to the incense cones last?

Each cone will smolder for 15 - 20 minutes depending on the draft blowing through the cottage. The sent released by the cones last for much longer than this though.

Are the cones / sticks made from real Irish turf?

Yes, all of our cones are manufactured from genuine Irish turf dust to produce the most genuine scent of an open Irish turf fire that is possible.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Worldwide delivery can be arranged and cost of delivery will be discussed at the ordering stage.